Rise and Run

The cost to participate in Cheryl Denise vision is minimal, and we continually strive to make our programs affordable for each and every individual who wants to participate. With grants and other financial support from our partners and donors, Living The Dream Movement is able to subsidize our program costs and offer a fee for participants in several of our programs. Currently, the cost varies from $30 to $1000, depending on the project.  We have scholarship opportunities for who wish to participate in Living The Dream Movement, but who are unable to afford the registration fee.

Over the next two years, our goal is to expand the Dream Movement to 50 States and beyond, to serve a total of more than 5000 plus women each year. As we extend the reach of The Dream Movement, we plan to expand our programs to serve 5 generations. Our growth plan also includes a Living The Dream Scholarship Award for graduating seniors who are involved and active participants in the Dream Chapters and Empowerment and Shero programs.