Welcome, you will discover how people like you are called to year-round volunteer opportunities.  Learn through this journey of how you can be apart of the legacy through living the movement.  

I would like to start off this year first thanking all of our loyal volunteers for your time, labor of love and hard work you have given. Thank you for running with the vision, using your voice and gifts to improve the lives of others. We truly appreciate your continued support, we could not exist without you.

Give The Dream

We encourage companies, groups, universities, and employees to volunteer.

Join us by donating your time, professional clothing, volunteer to empower others in your community. With your support, we can provide services that inspire women to take charge of their lives and advance.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with The Living The Dream Movement: connect at a local group, the transformation trip, attend an LTD event, launch a chapter, apply for the scholarship and make a donation. Our goal is to help you become all that God created you to be so that together, we can love life and enjoy the journey, so join the team, we need you.

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